ACS Thermal is bringing to market a novel technology which will change
the way you measure thermal conductance and dissipation on
the micro- and nano-scale.

Most techniques use a method that injects energy into the sample and then measures the out-of-band radiation along the
length of the sample with sensors. ACS Thermal does it differently. Our method is entirely in-band, which means
the sample is the sensor and the result is truer.

ACS Thermal LLC solves several problems with
its novel thermal tester, ThermalSure®:

Can I know if this micro- or nano-sized material will meet the thermal conductivity benchmark it is designed for? YES
Can I do frequent sampling to determine the direction of progress while I methodically and creatively vary characteristics? YES
Can I perform testing quickly and inexpensively to allow myself the luxury of chasing solution possibilities and repeating promising leads, thereby speeding up the development process? YES
Can I do this highly-accurate testing on a small
unit in my own lab?
Can I easily train novice lab assistants to
perform high-quality tests?

ThermalSure ® builds this solution with well researched technology under the leadership and invention of thermodynamics scientists from ACS Thermal.

ACS Thermal LLC is developing this technology into a fast, simple test device that is automated, yet flexible; has a simple tablet interface; and has capabilities that can be extended with additional hardware and software modules.